Care and Maintenance

Please allow 30 days for your item to fully cure. Firearms and bows especially or anything that will be handled often must be given the appropriate time before use. The decorated finish needs time to fully harden correctly as to insure the best long lasting finish possible. Use prior to 30 days will seriously jeopardize the quality of your items coating.We use materials specially designed for our process and believe it not only has the best results but allows for the best durability as well.


Please Note: Any product that will remove or discolor paint, will harm the finish of your item. Deet (an additive in insect repellent) is one of the biggest culprits in discoloring a finish because of its common  use by sportsmen.


Gun solvents and cleaners are not harmful to your decorated finish when used in recommended amounts.Also, repeated and hard use of your items may result in chips, gouges, and wear marks especially around naturally sharp edges. These are not considered product failures.


***Any of the above will potentially damage your finish.***


When properly cared for the finish on your item will not only look great but it will protect your item from many of the elements that tend to harm uncoated materials. Simply wipe it down when you are done with it and you’re good to go. (You will still need to maintain the inside of your firearms etc.)


If you have any questions or concerns about our process or finished product please feel free to contact us at any time.


Thank you for your business,


Matthew “HUCK” Huckaby

H&H Hydro-Customs